As many shows as you want to watch during the subscription period.

Your access period doesn't begin until you have activated your access code and start watching a video.

Once you have sent your SMS message, your access key should be delivered within a few minutes. If you are having problems receiving your access key please make sure the SMS inbox on your phone is not full.

Send the same SMS that you originally used to get your access key. If your access key has already been previously sent to you, we will send it to you again free of charge.

Once you have received the SMS containing your access key, select either ’24 hours’ or ‘7 days’ from the top-right hand side of the page. Then select the ‘Pay By SMS’ option from the pop-up window, and enter your access key on the following page.

No. You pay for a day’s access or a week’s access. For payments made via SMS, your mobile operator will also charge their standard SMS rate. There are no other charges.

You have a right to cancel your purchase of access to the OD services at any time up to the earlier of:

• 7 days following your request for access
• the time when delivery of the OD services starts

Delivery of the OD services starts when you log in to the OD services and activate your access PIN code. Once you have received your access code, you will not be able to cancel payment for access to the OD service.

Yes. Your payment details are handled directly by regulated third-party operators and not stored anywhere in the OD system.

No. We may only send free-to receive promotional material if you have consented to this at registration. The only charged messages you will receive are for the access charges. You can text STOP at any point to opt out of receiving marketing messages.

Yes. You just need to log into your account using the access code we sent you. You can only be logged into one device at a time. You cannot transfer your access to another country.

Yes. We can accept payments from debit and credit cards through PayPal via our web based OD site. You do not need to sign up to PayPal to make a payment.

The majority of viewers prefer cheap access which means we need to serve some ads to keep the access price low.

Not if you’re using the same device you originally logged in on. If you are using our web based OD site and you have cleared your browser cookies, you may need to log in again.

We aim to have new episodes available within 48 hours after airing on TV.